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It’s true, this is a beautiful building with an array of amazing equipment. However, what truly makes us special is the quality instructors who work here.

Kathy Anderson


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Kathy’s experience in business ownership, management and dance have prepared Kathy in manifesting her vision expressed through her “world class” Pilates studio.  She holds certifications in Pilates, Advanced BarreAmped, Piloxing, GYROTONIC® and GYROKINESIS®.  Fully Stott trained and a certified Pilates Golf instructor, Kathy is committed to bringing an integrative approach to well-being through Pilates, BarreAmped, GYROTONIC® exercise and movement techniques. Kathy continues to expand her knowledge by working as a Rossiter Coach helping clients resolve pain issues through deep tissue stretching. It is a studio to nurture the balance of mind, body and spirit thus creating overall positive physical benefits. It’s also an environment where programs and services are presented by experienced, credentialed and committed instructors. As her mother said to her shortly before her death, “Find something you love to do and the rest will fall into place.” What a wise woman she was!

Peri Akers


Peri has a Bachelor of Science degree in natural health. She is a Stott-certified Pilates instructor after completing their Pilates training program in 2006. She also has completed Stott’s advanced Pilates training,  taught mat Pilates and yoga classes since 1999. Peri continues to expand her knowledge as a Rossiter Coach, helping clients resolve pain issues through deep tissue stretching. Peri’s past fitness training credits include an ACE personal fitness trainer certification, Reebok Coreboard training instructor, Precision Cycling instructor, Postural Analysis Specialist, and Total Body Flexibility certification. In her free time she writes a healthy food recipe and exercise blog that includes many healthy meal ideas and workout tips.  You can check out her blog at  She writes her articles under the blog listing “mindbodyandfood4u”.

Kim Anderson


As a Registered Respiratory therapist for over fifteen years, Kim has a strong knowledge base of the musculoskeletal structure and function of the human body.  In addition to that, Kim has always maintained fitness and good nutrition as a integral part of her life.  Through Stott Pilates, Kim had discovered the most safe and effective way in which to achieve her optimal fitness goals of core strength, flexibility and resistance training.  The mind body connection that she discovered through Stott Pilates became such a passion, that she found the strong desire to share this knowledge with others. Kim is Stott trained in both the essential and intermediate levels of mat Pilates and on all Stott equipment.  She offers her Stott training to clients through both a one on one basis through private sessions as well as group reformer classes. She is skilled in ISP (Injuries & Special Populations), which equips her with the skills required to address a broad range of physical challenges among her clients.   For those looking to further supplement their Pilates fitness goals, Kim is also a certified Piloxing instructor and has completed Advanced BarreAmped Certification. These classes are offered multiple times throughout the week. Kim continues to expand her knowledge by working as a Rossiter Coach helping clients resolve pain issues through deep tissue stretching. Whatever your fitness goals may be, Kim’s knowledge and unique style will take you on a fun and challenging journey that will ultimately find you very satisfied with the results.

Summer Bair

Summer 11 2014

Summer worked in a corporate environment for 22 years and found Pilates as a way to balance the physical debilitation of a “desk” job. She has been an enthusiastic Pilates client since 2006. Summer originally trained as a classical Ballerina and danced professionally. She has taught dance at Sinclair College and worked with various youth and geriatric groups in the Dayton area. As a result of dancing for over 45 years, and learning the Stott Pilates format of exercise, Summer has a deep understanding of body awareness. This awareness mixed with the proper forms of Pilates movements enables Summer to maximize the exercises to an individual’s specific needs. “Teaching others, and observing a person’s progression, has always been an intrinsic driver for me”. Summer is Stott trained in both Essential and Intermediate Pilates.

Summer is married, has two sons and grandchildren that she loves to entertain. She attended  Wright State University and earned a Bachelors degree in Marketing. Other interests include gardening, hiking the National Parks, spiritual studies and travel abroad.

Shari Bowman


Shari Bowman is a Registered Yoga Instructor, teaching in the Dayton area for over 10 years. Shari has studied extensively with John Friend, and is listed on his website as an Anusara-inspired teacher. Most recently, she completed a weeklong training with John Friend in Yoga Therapeutics. Shari has also studied with many well known teachers, including: Shiva Rea, Baron Baptiste, Rodney Yee, Doug Swenson, and Cindi Lee from On Yoga Studio. She is the only certified Yoga for Golfers instructor in Ohio.

Shari brings and athletic spin to her Yoga practice, incorporating core and strength training into a heart inspiring class. Hatha, Anusara, and Ashtanga blend together seamlessly as the class unfolds. Each class is designed to challenge the body, open the heart, and inspire evolution.

Kim Chadwell

Kim Chadwell 1

Kim is a Licensed Managing Esthetician and Manicurist, and a Licensed Medical Massage Therapist. She graduated from the University of Dayton in 2002 before completing the Spa-Esthiology program at the Aveda Fredric’s Institute in 2006 and later graduating from SHI Integrative Medical Massage School in 2015. 

She spent two years working as a skin care specialist and nail technician in a day spa and two years in a medical spa before starting Great Skin by Kim at My Pilates Studio in 2010. She has significant continuing education in relaxation and corrective skin care techniques and specializes in superficial chemical peels.  In addition to traditional Swedish massage, she has advanced certification in Muscle Energy Technique, Craniosacral Therapy, TMJ Dysfunction, and Essential Oils. She carries PCA Skin products and Jane Iredale Mineral Makeup, and she is a distributor for Young Living Essential Oils.

Rebecca Combs


A fitness enthusiast since youth, Becky decided to leave her job as a TV reporter in 2005 and embark on a career in fitness.  She started by leading group exercise classes at a local gym.  A knee injury from running led to physical therapy which is where she discovered pilates on the reformer.  She was thrilled to discover how practicing pilates can heal the body and result in lean, toned and balanced muscles.  Becky now enjoys sharing her knowledge of pilates to help her clients become more fit and confident with their bodies.  She holds certifications with Stott pilates, Spinning, Piloxing, and Advanced BarreAmped. Becky, a Rossiter Coach is passionate about helping clients resolve pain issues through deep tissue stretching.  Becky also earned a B.S. in Mass Communications from Miami University, Oxford.

Becky is also a competitive equestrian, who owns and shows two American Saddlebred horses.

Stacey Gossett


Stacey Gossett has a Bachelor of Science Degree in Exercise Science from Urbana University. She is a certified Personal Trainer  through NASM (National Academy of Sports Medicine) since 2003. Stacey has 10 years of experience working with clients to assist in achieving their health and wellness goals. Stacey has her Pilates certification through Stott and has been enjoying teaching Pilates for 8 years. She is also a certified Piloxing instructor.  Stacey also loves to dance and is currently a back-up dancer for a local talented singer/song-writer, Thomas Troutman. Stacey believes that Pilates has been the key to her being able to come back from 2 major back injuries, one of which included back surgery. She is able to dance with no pain as a result of staying strong in her core, as well as working on overall strength, stabilization, and balance.  Pilates has allowed her to learn the meaning of a strong core and Stacey believes that everyone, no matter what level of fitness, can benefit from Pilates. It is absolutely possible to overcome injuries safely and progress to wellness and overall health and strength. Pilates is a great way to work toward a more stable core, an enhanced sense of body awareness, a release of stress and tension, and an increase in energy.

Julia Lamm

Julia Lamm 1

Julia is the only certified Yoga Tune Up Instructor in the Dayton area teaching self-massaging techniques and corrective exercises to eradicate pain, improve posture and enhance performance.  Julia continues to expand her knowledge as a Nutritious Movement Specialist (or Restorative Exercise Specialist) and Personal Trainer based on biomechanical principles of whole body alignment developed by Katy Bowman, MS. Julia offers whole body alignment private sessions for minimizing wear and tear on the joints and restoring bodily functions. Julia also offers 90-minute Thai Yoga Restorative Body work private sessions.
She resides in Springboro. She has BS degree in business from Niagara University and MS in Organizational Communication from Canisius College, Buffalo, NY. Julia hopes to instill a sense of adventure and exploration of body function and movement with a focus of finding balance and joy through practice. Julia believes in Self-care as the best health care.

Cheryl Longinow

Cheryl Longinow Bio pic

Cheryl’s discovery of Stott Pilates has positively impacted her life and after years of personal practice of the Stott method, Cheryl realized she had a desire to learn more. She is now actively pursuing her passion, combining her years of teaching elementary art education with her desire to help others experience the benefits of this intelligent exercise. Cheryl is trained in  Stott Pilates Essential and Intermediate Equipment & Mat. She has a personal commitment to maintaining a healthy lifestyle and finding balance in daily routine of life. Her focus on personal wellness involves addressing all areas of life including, physical, emotional, mental, relational, and spiritual. She believes that finding activities to renew and refresh self is important to maintaining a healthy and vibrant lifestyle.

Cheryl has a Bachelor of Arts in Theology and Holistic Approach to Human Social Services from Valparaiso University giving her a special connection with her clients.  Cheryl  recently completed graduate courses in counseling and Life Coaching.  On a personal note, she home schooled her three kids, loves to spend time outdoors flower gardening, walking, biking, water skiing and time with family.

Ann Merrill


Ann has been a client of the studio since its opening in 2005 studying Pilates, Gyrokinesis, and Ballet. She received her training in the Stott method of Pilates and is a certified BarreAmped and Piloxing instructor.  Ann called upon her years of teaching experience to assist in the development of our Kids Pilates and Kids Ballet programs. She has been a life-long student of all forms of dance and exercise and has taught throughout the local community for over 25 years sharing her love for the beauty of movement.

Ann also has an insatiable love for nature.   As a certified volunteer naturalist for the state of Ohio, she spends lots of time leading public programs with 5Rivers MetroParks, serves as a judge on Natural Resources Day at The Ohio State Fair, and is a guest editor for the State 4-H program evaluating and writing project booklets.  She also uses her Master Gardening skills as owner and operator of her own small landscape company.

Jill Monsour

Jill Profile Pic

Jill is trained in Stott Pilates and has been a client at My Pilates studio since 2008.  She started Pilates with her daughter, who wanted to improve her core strength for dance, and fell in love with the benefits of Pilates herself.  Having completed three half marathons and numerous ski and golf seasons she understands the benefits of Pilates as a foundation for success in many other activities.  “Use your core” is one of her favorite expressions and reminders when she is playing golf or skiing with friends.

Jill received her B.S. in Business and Communication from the University of Dayton and her MBA from the University of Louisville.  She worked in the field of property management for 12 years designing and conducting sales and management seminars across the country. She retired from her career to stay at home with her two daughters.  Since her daughters have graduated from High School Jill has turned her focus to pursuing her love of Pilates & looks forward to sharing her passion for Pilates with her clients.

Bronwen Owsley


Bronwen is an award winning professional belly dancer, instructor and choreographer from Dayton, Ohio. Locally, she has danced at many restaurants such as Therapy Café, Taste of the Mediterranean, Kohinoor Palace, Pasha Grille, and events and festivals such as Urban Nights, the Lebanese Festival and Lady Fest. In 2007, she won first place in the Personal Best Middle Eastern Dance Competition Headliner category, and in 2010, she took first place in the Personal Best Troupe Competition with “ Banat Alexandria”, the professional Middle Eastern Dance Company she created and directs. Bronwen has also studied ballet and modern dance and holds a Fine Arts degree in Theatre. She has a choreographer on Kettering Children’s Theatre and Sinclair Theatre Productions. ThinkTV featured her on “The Art Show”     her segment starts at 1:10 minutes. Performing and teaching are her passions and she loves to share and connect with audiences and her students.

Lily Seitter


Lily is professional ballet dancer, dance teacher and choreographer.  She graduated with High Honors from Butler University, with a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Dance Performance, and a French Minor.  Lily has danced professionally with the Richmond Ballet in Virginia, and in New York City.  She has taught ballet and movement classes to students of all ages in Long Island, New York, as well as in Dayton and Cincinnati, Ohio.  Her passion for movement extends to Pilates.  While a trainee with the Richmond Ballet, Lily studied with certified instructor, Jerry Weiss, and discovered the many benefits of Pilates for dancers.  She feels that her training in Stott Pilates greatly enriched and informed how she dances.  In both her dance and Pilates instruction, Lily emphasizes the importance of correct alignment, in order to train the body to work more efficiently and to protect from injury.  Lily is excited to share her love of Pilates with others at My Pilates Studio.

Lee Ann Stone

Lee Ann revised

Lee Ann’s love of Pilates began in 2008 when she walked through the doors of My Pilates Studio.  She has always had a strong desire to be fit, eat healthy and Pilates fit right into her lifestyle.  She has taken her love of Pilates to the next level by getting trained in the Stott Pilates exercise modality.

After raising two boys, Lee Ann realized that exercise must be challenging but also fun.  She joined several gyms and tried lifting weights, running, aerobics and other workout routines.  She found Pilates has helped her increase her balance, overall strength and sense of wellbeing.  Lee Ann is a perfect instructor for those just beginning their Pilates experience wanting to explore the amazing gift of Pilates.  Lee Ann is anxious to share her Stott training with others and how it can help them.

When Lee Ann is not teaching Pilates she enjoys spending time with her husband and two boys, reading mystery novels and cooking.

Marissa Todd


Marissa is a Stott Pilates Mat, Reformer, and Cadillac trained instructor.  She is also a certified Piloxing instructor  and has completed Advanced BarreAmped Certification. She has over 7 years of experience in Jazz, Tap, and lyrical Ballet. She has studied at Sinclair Community College in the Physical Therapist Assistant program which gives her a better understanding of the body and how it responds to the exercises. Her journey with Pilates first began while pregnant with her son. Being told by her doctor to limit her workouts, she searched for an alternative way to stay in shape through out the pregnancy. When she discovered the intense, yet low impact, and safe method of Pilates, she knew it was something she wanted to make part of her life; thus becoming an instructor. She looks forward to expanding her knowledge, and sharing with others the numerous benefits Pilates has to offer. Her goal as an instructor is to help others fall in love with Pilates as much as she has!

Sherry Wheaton

Wheaton Sherry Web_0

Sherry Wheaton, MD is a physician with a brown belt in Nia™ who enjoys exploring the cutting edge. Sherry strives to awaken the wisdom of the inner healer in each of us. Her background and interest in medicine, Jungian psychology, BodySoul Rhythm®, psychoneurobiology, trauma and The Nia™ Technique create a palate that attracts many to dance “the body’s way” while embracing a deeper understanding of health and wholeness.

She began practicing geriatric medicine in 1985 when very few had even heard of the field. Because of her commitment to education and self-responsibility in health care, she became a CBS on-the-air health reporter in 1992.  Sherry has facilitated workshops for women with chronic illnesses and uses movement as a way to help others listen to the messages of the body. She has encouraged many women to open their eyes to their inner healer and find their unique path to wholeness. Wheaton has completed the Trauma Resiliency Model training, and the three-year BodySoul Rhythms® Leadership Training through the Marion Woodman Foundation.

Sherry serendipitously walked into her first Nia™ class in February of 2001 while living in Santa Fe, NM. She knew that weight lift in and step aerobics no longer fit her inward journey. She also sensed that a more gentle embodied movement was the way to listen within and heal her body. The Nia™ Technique immediately spoke her language. She discovered a gentleness, grace and fluidity of movement that she had always believed possible. She
was sweating, smiling from ear to ear and ever so happy to be alive. Nia™ has given her a chance to celebrate her life in her body in a whole new way.

Dancing with Sherry is an exploration of body, soul and spirit. It will awaken your inner healer with a smile on your face.

Aneta (Nettie) Zeppettella


Nettie found Pilates in early 2011 when she was dealing with persistent pain in her lower back due to bulging disks in her lumbar spine.  It didn’t take long to see improvement and she has been hooked on Pilates ever since. Nettie’s road to fitness was not an easy one.  She developed scoliosis as a teenager and for years was going through physical therapy three times a week to improve curvature of her spine. Looking back, those PT sessions were very much like Pilates Mat classes.

An avid runner, Nettie has completed numerous marathons, ultra-marathons, and shorter distance races.  She always says that Pilates keeps her running. Literally!  The core and leg strength developed through regular sessions on the reformer has enabled her to maintain high volume training miles. She loves how gentle, yet effective, Pilates practice is.  Nettie is a self-proclaimed health-nut who believes that exercise can positively affect not only our bodies, but transform all aspects of our lives.  Nettie is trained in Stott Pilates & would love to share her passion with you.

Nettie grew up in Poland and holds Bachelor in Computer Science and Master in Education degrees. She is actively involved in Ohio River Road Runners Club (ORRRC). Besides Pilates and running, Nettie loves yoga, hiking, traveling, cooking plant-based food, and spending time with her family.


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