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Intelligent Exercise and Wellness Center Celebrating 10 Years of Serving You

What’s in a Name?

At My Pilates Studio, everything! By design, the minute you walk through the entrance and into our warm, inviting environment, you’ll feel right at home. As the name implies, this is YOUR Pilates studio. It’s a place where you are the focus—it’s all about you and your well being.

“Our number one goal is to provide safe and effective conditioning that enables your body to move freely,” says founder/owner of My Pilates Studio, Kathy Anderson. “You’ll also notice that you have more energy and are less susceptible to stress and tension in a few short weeks.”

News & Events

Join us for an informative presentation Amy Shoko Brown on Building Trauma-Resilience Thursday 9/29 from 6:30-8pm

Building Trauma-Resilience: How to access your natural strength in the face of inevitable emotional challenges and troubling incidents: •    The single most effective trauma-proofing action you can take to protect y...

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